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The Book is Published! Minuteman Press 2016

Available at Moe's Books 2476 Telegraph Ave Berkeley CA or from author: for $19.95+S&H

A biker dreams, draped on his parked Harley.   A street vendor beams as she nurses a child.   Strollers sport bell bottoms, cocky hats, rabbit suits—or no clothes at all. Holy Hubert sticks to his gospels, facing down a snake-haired challenger. Congas, flutes, and rock bands inspire impromptu dance. A rapt monk chants Hare Krishna .

Daily life on Telegraph Avenue, UC Berkeley Campus, and environs during the sixties is the subject of Elio De Pisa's photo diary. 74 black and white images and 29 in color are paired with a brief text to record a period with a passion for the possible.

Elio De Pisa's photos portray the spirit of fun and peaceful coexistence that prevailed in Berkeley Then .

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